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Sesamoiditis - Treatment & Prevention

Sesamoiditis is a condition affecting the forefoot, where irritation and inflammation of the sesamoid bones occur. Sesamoid bones are minute bones embedded in the tendons in the foot that run to the big toe. People suffering from sesamoiditis experience pain in the ball of the foot, directly under the big toe. Young people indulging in activities like dancing or running are most prone to this condition.

The cause of sesamoiditis is related to excessive force that humans cause by bending their big toe all of a sudden. Even moving around wearing high heels or a sudden stumble can trigger sesamoiditis. Those with a high arched foot (where the balls-of-the-foot face a lot of pressure) and bony foot (with not adequate fat to protect the sesamoids) are prone to this condition. Once injured, the affected area takes time to heal because each time the person walks, extra pressure is created on the seasmoid bone, which in turn becomes inflamed or irritated.

The treatment of sesamoiditis is generally non-operative. In minor cases, the foot doctors advise rest and usage of modified shoe or shoe pads to ensure that pressure is reduced on the affected area. A podiatrist may also get the big toe bound with a plastic tape so that it can immobilize the joint to the maximum extent, thus making the healing process faster and effective.

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To prevent sesamoiditis, most foot health professionals suggest wearing padded socks with shoes having non-slip outsoles to minimize the effects of pressure, impact and shear forces. In some cases, doctors may suggest limiting activities and keeping weight off the affected feet, along with prescribing physical therapy, orthotics or inserts.

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