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Tips to Prevent Common Running Injuries

From serious athletes to weekend runners, the possibility of getting injured runs high. Since healthy feet are important to run and participate in various physical activities, the pros often spend several hours on their foot maintenance to prevent unnecessary injures. According to foot doctors of Cupertino Podiatry Inc, following some preventive measures can help prevent common running injuries, irrespective of whether one is a weekend warrior or a seasoned pro.

Almost all podiatrists emphasize the importance of running with a good posture and the ones at Cupertino Podiatry Inc are no different. According to these foot doctors, a poor posture puts excessive stress on the runner’s back and knees, making the back arch and the body weight shift back. This makes the runner prone to overstriding. Keeping your torso straight and looking right ahead, without arching your lower back, is the ideal way to run. Apart from practicing good posture, you should strengthen your upper body and core to avoid common injuries to the ankle and foot.

Swinging arms the right way is another important action that you should practice as it influences your trunk stability. If you don’t do it the right way or swing too much, you may make the trunk sway, which in turn could trigger foot injuries.

Putting excessive pressure on your feet while landing is another common cause of running injuries. If you make a conscious effort to land softly, you will tend to make natural adjustments like decreasing your stride and landing on your midfoot, which would reduce impact forces and help you steer clear of knee, ankle and foot injuries.

Doctors of Cupertino Podiatry Inc suggest runners to start the running motion from their core (with their hips), and drive forward with the knees rather than their feet. This, they say, would help them avoid overstriding and maintain a tall posture.

To know more about these and other preventive measures to steer clear of running injuries, call 408-446-5811 to reach the podiatrists of Cupertino Podiatry Inc. You may also browse www.cupertinopodiatrist.com to fix an appointment with them. To buy foot products for optimum foot health, you can take a look at www.footpainreliefproducts.com.