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Foot Care for the Elderly

With age, the elderly suffer from various diseases. Foot problems too are common, which at times, can becomes worse due to another existing disease like diabetes, obesity, gout inflammation or peripheral vascular disease. According to foot doctors of Cupertino Podiatry Inc, it pays to take proper foot care of older adults to avoid common problems.

In the US, one in three seniors over the age of 65 suffers from stiffness, foot pain or aching feet. Those staying in long-term care facilities tend to have even higher rates of foot ailments. Many of these ailments are triggered by poorly fitting shoes or those without adequate support. Therefore, selecting the proper footwear is of utmost importance.

Podiatrists of Cupertino Podiatry Inc suggest choosing footwear that has a strong heel; is flexible, particularly at the ball of the foot; has a leather upper; and is adequately cushioned. They also advise older adults to consult with a podiatrist or doctor before getting orthotic shoes since they are available in various forms. From soft and semi-rigid shoes to the rigid ones, orthotic shoes have a wide variety, from which one has to choose depending on the foot problem being treated.

These professionals say that itís equally important to conduct regular foot inspection for small nicks and cuts, which may go unnoticed, especially in those suffering from diabetes.

Lastly, the elders should become proactive about their foot care. To minimize the risk of foot ailments and pain, they should scrub the feet clean with pumice stone and apply moisturizing creams. Foot bath with Epsom salt can also help soothe the feet. To strengthen feet and legs, in addition to improving overall flexibility, having a regular exercise routine is also recommended.

In many cases, foot problems in the elderly can be treated conservatively with ice packs, anti-inflammatory drugs, orthotics and proper shoes. However, where the pain and discomfort refuse to die despite using these methods, itís important to seek medical attention at the earliest.

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