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Treatment for Foot Odor

Foot odor is a common condition among many. While some people have stinky feet that one can smell from a distance, some others may suffer from feet odor that make people smirk when they pass by. If your friends, family and colleagues have started complaining about your feet odor or you feel for yourself that you need help to overcome the embarrassing situation, you should contact a foot doctor immediately.

According to the podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry Inc, the most common cause of foot odor is wearing the wrong footwear. People who wear non-leather/synthetic boots, poorly ventilated shoes, or socks made of nylon/polyester are prone to suffer from persistent foot odor.

Foot odor is primarily caused by bacteria. Your feet become stinking if sweat soaks into the shoes, making the shoes damp, which give an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Once you have taken off your shoes and put them in a cupboard or dark corner, the bacteria continue to thrive. The next day when you put on your shoes, your feet settle into a place that's still damp. The dark, warm and moist conditions make the bacteria flourish, giving out a cheesy odor. Those suffering from fungal infection or hyperhidrosis (a medical condition that causes excessive sweating) may also have smelly feet.

Foot doctors at Cupertino Podiatry Inc suggest using an anti-bacterial soap to wash your feet as a simple, quick solution to combat smelly feet. Using antiperspirants or spray deodorant on your feet; placing medicated insoles in your shoes that have a deodorizing effect; wearing dry, clean, feet-fresh socks; and opting for canvas or leather shoes that let your feet breathe, unlike their plastic counterparts are other ways to avoid foot odor.

You can banish smelly feel usually within a week by following the steps above. However, if you find your level of sweating abnormally high, you should see a doctor because it could be the sign of a medical condition.

For more information on foot odor, its treatment and prevention, you can reach the foot doctors of Cupertino Podiatry Inc by calling 408-446-5811. You may also schedule an appointment via www.cupertinopodiatrist.com. To know about foot care products and medications designed to combat smelly feet, you can browse www.footpainreliefproducts.com.

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