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Pregnancy and Foot Care

Pregnant women often experience weight gain and water retention, which changes their center of gravity. This leads to a new weight-bearing posture that adds pressure to their feet and knees. In turn, this can cause discomfort in the feet and trigger foot problems. Two common foot ailments that most pregnant women suffer from are edema (swelling of the feet) and over- pronation (flat feet). In such cases, walking can become very painful, and they may experience increased strain and discomfort on the calves, feet and back.

Experienced podiatrists of Cupertino Podiatry Inc. advise pregnant women to observe good foot health to avert pain and discomfort. According to them, some simple steps such as these can help:
  • Avoid standing or sitting in the same position for long. It's ideal to take short breaks during the day. Also, stretch your legs frequently.
  • Don't cross your legs when sitting
  • Keep your feet elevated to relieve pressure and swelling
  • Ensure adequate intake of water to stay hydrated
  • Wear shoes that are comfortable, soft and offer adequate support to your feet. Your chosen shoes should also give your feet room to move.
  • Don't wear tight socks that restrict circulation; opt for seamless socks instead
  • Walk regularly to enjoy overall good health

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Many expectant mothers often experience swelling in their ankles and feet that's far beyond ordinary levels. This can make existing foot conditions become worse and even trigger irritation or inflammation. Certain hormonal changes during pregnancy can also relax the ligaments, which may trigger foot strain. Therefore, pregnant women should contact experienced foot doctors to get their foot pain treated as soon as they experience any pain or discomfort. With expert advice and customized/ready-made orthotics, foot pain and discomfort can be managed and treated with success.

For every woman, pregnancy and imminent motherhood should be an enjoyable experience. So, contact experienced foot doctors of Cupertino Podiatry Inc. Dial 408-446-5811 or browse www.cupertinopodiatrist.com to know more about the causes of foot pain and easy remedial measures.

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