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Ways to Prevent Toenail Fungus

Your feet carry you everywhere: and they're always close to surfaces that can be quite dirty, sometimes damp and clammy, too. Toenail fungus is a pretty common occurrence; anyone that's seen or had a yellowed nail might agree that it is quite a regular occurrence. Treating toenail fungus can be a troublesome process making prevention is the easier option to rely on. To keep a lid on any possibility of toenail fungus, some simple preventive ways can be followed.
  • Stay Dry: Fungus thrives very comfortably in an environment that is humid, damp, wet and dark. With feet often being wedged into shoes, or wrapped up in socks, or if you use rubber footwear or even pantyhose, the exposure to humidity, darkness and dampness is quite regular. The key is to ensure that your feet remain dry you can use anti-bacterial foot powder, air your feet in between by staying barefoot at intervals, changing your socks and footwear regularly and even ensuring that you have sufficient dryness between your toes.
  • Keep Clean: Socks, footwear, stockings and pantyhose can all accumulate a lot of dirt from wear. Make sure to disinfect them regularly and wash them with good quality detergent and disinfectant. This alone can help take away a very large possibility of fungal infection.
  • Keep your Feet Trauma-free: When you wound yourself by hurting your toes, the impact can pave the way for fungal infection. Any cuts and wounds in your nail bed can welcome fungus, which thrives in the creation of a damp and humid atmosphere. Wear comfortably fitting shoes and avoid hurting yourself!
  • Stay Healthy: Well hydrated bodies and strong immune systems can help keep fungal infections at bay generally.
  • Make a Hostile Environment for Fungus: By dispelling humidity and dampness through dryness, you can keep fungus at bay by making the environment hostile for it to thrive. Regular pedicures, soaking your feet in warm water with salt to clean them, carefully take on nail-cutting projects so that you don't inflict any wounds that can be open invitations to fungus. Always use clean and sterilised tools when it comes to handling your feet whether you're doing your own pedicure or having someone do it for you.
  • Keep a Regular Watch to Make an Early Intervention: Sometimes, prevention alone is not enough. Make sure to keep an eye out for the slightest sign of a possible fungal infection. Any sight of discolouration where your nail slowly starts yellowing or has a white spot at the tip that seems to be working into the nail-bed, start working to avoid the fungus by soaking your nails in saline solution. If it seems to be fairly severe, you might have to create an acidic environment so the moment you see any yellow, brown or white lines, or thickened or crumbling nails, you should consider soaking your feet in warm water with a small dash of vinegar. Should things still not settle down, always head to your Podiatrist for help.
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