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Treatment for Flat Feet

A normal foot has an upward curve in the middle. Some people may have little or no arch in their feet, and the condition is called a flat foot. While some infants and children may suffer from flat feet due to abnormalities present from birth, other causes like dislocated/broken bones, stretched tendons and nerve problems can also cause it. Risk factors such as diabetes, pregnancy and obesity too are known to cause flat feet. Walking or standing for long periods, especially in high heels, or wearing uncomfortable shoes that don't have adequate arch support, can also cause flat feet.

Most cases of flat feet don't cause any walking problems or pain. However, any pain or discomfort while walking, running or playing any sports shouldn't be ignored. It's best to consult your podiatrist for a checkup in such circumstances. At times, a foot doctor may advice a child to wear special shoes, or use heel cups, shoe inserts or wedges till his/her feet develop to outgrow the problem.

Featured Products for Flat Feet (or Flat Arches)

For adults suffering from pain, doctors of Cupertino Podiatry Inc suggest the use of custom-made orthotics that offer proper arch support. Depending on the patient's condition, use of supportive leg/foot braces, or insoles can also be advised. Sometimes, special shoes that are made and fitted by an experienced podiatrist can help relief the pain and discomfort caused by flat feet. Simple stretching exercises for the calf and Achilles tendon could help too, though they should be done as advised by your podiatrist.

When non-surgical treatment methods fail to offer adequate pain relief, foot doctors can suggest surgery. A flatfoot surgery can treat misalignment of the foot successfully to help reduce pain and improve function.

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