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Claw Toes: Prevention and Treatment

Claw toes or hammer toes refer to a painful deformity where a toe bends unnaturally and looks like a claw. The second toe is the most prone to get affected by this disease. Abnormal contraction of the tendons forces the toe to bend downward and the toe's middle joint to protrude upward this triggers the disease.

In case claw toes interfere with your daily activities, you should consult your foot doctor. Your doctor will assess the affected toe to determine how severe the condition is. S/he may splint the affected toe and advise you to perform special exercises that will help restore muscle balance. In case the condition is severe, a surgery might be recommended.

Since toe injuries caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes are a major cause of claw toes, you should choose the right footwear to prevent this disease. According to the experienced podiatrists of Cupertino Podiatry Inc, some tips that can help you choose the right shoes are:
  • Ensure adequate toe room: Ideally, your shoes should be 0.5" longer than your longest toe. Foot doctors also advise to stay away from shoes that have pointed toes. You may even opt for laced shoes or other footwear that are roomier and adjustable.
  • Buy at the end of the day: In the morning, your feet are smaller but they swell throughout the day. Therefore, buying shoes at the end of the day is recommended.
  • Avoid high heels: Shoes with high heels increase the pressure on the front of your foot by at least 50%. Therefore, wear them sparingly. Though flat shoes are more comfortable than their high heel counterparts, you should ensure that they aren't thin-soled. If they are, they too will be hard on your feet.
  • Change shoes when necessary: A right fit today may not be good after some years. After all, your shoe size may change as you age. Therefore, be sure to change your shoes when they hurt or are uncomfortable to wear. If you find the shoe's toe area not high enough and feel it rubbing against the top of your toes, you should immediately buy a new pair of shoes, especially if claw toes have started to develop.
For more information on claw toes, their treatment and prevention, you can dial 408-446-5811 to consult the foot doctors of Cupertino Podiatry Inc. You may also schedule an appointment with the doctors at www.cupertinopodiatrist.com.

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