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Spring-proof your Foot Quickly!

Spring is a time when people enjoy walking barefoot, either on the beach or on the green backyards/parks...

It is the time when people go on vacations and have fun...

It is the time to explore water sports...

All these activities can pose threats to your foot. Therefore, it pays to know some common foot ailments of the season and steer clear of them.

Walking barefoot can cause hurts, which may be severe, at times. So, it is important to stay cautious and conscious about your foot and related ailments.

Common Foot Ailments in Spring

While having water fun is the ultimate in spring season, those are hot spots for infections such as verrucas and Athlete's foot. Athlete's foot can also occur,

• When your feet are sweaty, not dried well after bathing or swimming, or

• When you don't get proper ventilation due to tight socks and shoes. Sweaty feet can also cause fungal nail infection, which is yet another spring ailment.

Summer sporting can cause lots of foot injuries. Ankle fractures and inversion ankle sprains, diseases caused such as sesamoiditis, Achilles tendonitis, heel pain (caused due to excessive training and overuse) can also be a spring time challenge to you.

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Spring Foot Health Tips

• Maintain basic foot hygiene. Don’t let your feet be lathered in sweat. Wash them regularly with soap or an antibacterial wash and remember to dry them thoroughly. Also, trim your toenails using proper nail clippers and file them.

• Regular inspection. Inspect your feet on a regular basis for skin problems such as calluses, warts, ingrown toenails and suspicious spots, moles or freckles.

• Wear the right shoes. To air your feet, you can wear open sandals or flip-flops, especially when you are around swimming pools, beaches etc. Don’t wear the same pair of shoes day after day. Rather, use alternate pairs.

• Use the right socks. Choose cotton socks to keep your feet dry. Also, ensure to change your socks once a day.

• Vaccination. Make sure that you are vaccinated against tetanus. This is because puncture wounds and cuts caused by sharp objects can trigger infections and illnesses such as tetanus.

• Be sport-ready. Wear proper foot and ankle protection to help prevent sport injuries. But in case you sustain an injury, be sure to contact your podiatrist for speedy relief.

• Don’t ignore foot pain. If you experience any type of constant pain in the foot or ankle, contact your foot doctor immediately.

• Avoid blisters. Blisters are often caused by rubbing, especially between the toes when you opt for flip-flops with "thongs". The best way to prevent them is to keep your feet dry, wear shoes that fit well.

• Don’t play the doctor: Using home remedies or playing the doctor may often turn simple foot ailments into a major one. Therefore, consult experts rather than popping over-the-counter medicines or playing the doctor.

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