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Getting treated for Metatarsalgia

If you experience inflammation and pain in the ball of your foot, you should get yourself examined for metatarsalgia. There are a number of reasons that can trigger this ailment. While wearing ill-fitting shoes can cause metatarsalgia in some, people who participate in activities involving jumping and running may also get affected by it. Some medical conditions like diabetes, Morton's neuroma, rheumatoid arthritis, build up of fluid in the foot, and bunions occurring at the base of the big toe can also cause metatarsalgia.

Though this disease is usually not serious, it can interfere with your daily routine if you don't seek medical attention on time. But before talking about the treatment, it would be wise to take a look at who are at risk of developing this disease, and what complications can occur if metatarsalgia is left untreated.

To begin with, the following are most at risk of being affected by metatarsalgia:
• People with foot problems
• Overweight or obese patients
• Individuals who wear ill-fitting shoes or shoes with high heels
• Athletes or persons who participate in high impact sports

Metatarsalgia, if left untreated, can cause:
• The pain to reach other regions of the foot or even spread to the other foot.
• Pain in other parts of the body due to limping triggered by the foot pain.

Since a foot pain doctor is best equipped to diagnose and treat this disease, it's best to seek help the moment you spot metatarsalgia symptoms.

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Common approaches to help ease discomfort and/or offer foot pain relief include:

• Applying ice-wrap to the affected area several times a day for about 15-20 minutes every time.
• Taking anti-inflammatory medicines as prescribed by your foot doctor to decrease the inflammation and offer
  relief from the pain.
• Avoiding high impact exercise and sports that put pressure on the feet. Many doctors suggest alternate
  activities that are lighter on the feet, such as cycling or swimming.
• Using orthotics that are designed to reallocate pressure, guard the ball of your foot, and improve
  foot function.
• Stretching the Achilles tendon and exercising your ankle.
• Using shock absorbing insoles and metatarsal pads, which relieve pressure while walking, and reduce
  pressure caused by the metatarsal bones respectively.

Your doctor may even recommend arch supports if fitted insoles aren't found to be effective. Various online stores, including www.ourdoctorstore.com/cornelison, sell foot pain orthotics in different sizes that you can buy to get relief from pain caused by metatarsalgia. You may even get custom made products to fit your foot should you need one.

For minor symptoms, many doctors advise the patients to start wearing flat headed shoes that fit better. However, in severe cases, steroid injections may be administered to decrease swelling and pain. In case other therapies and medications don't help, foot surgery may be recommended for:

• Removing/releasing an affected nerve, which may be irritated or trapped;
• Reshaping the metatarsal bones; or
• Straightening the hammer toe.

Apart from getting your condition treated the right way, your foot doctor can also suggest ways to significantly decrease the risk of developing metatarsalgia, which could include maintaining a healthy bodyweight, wearing proper footwear etc.

In case you are recovering from injuries or pain caused by metatarsalgia, you should comply with your doctor's advice about when to resume arduous activities.

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