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Customized Treatment for Heel Pain Relief

Heel pain is the most common foot problem that can turn your daily routine upside down. Since there can be several causes that trigger such pain, it becomes important to make an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms so that the right treatment can be started as soon as possible. If you live in the Santa Clara County, and need to find effective heel pain relief options, you can contact Cupertino Podiatry in San Jose to start treatment that relieves you of your heel pain, and heals the causes of your symptoms.

Under the able leadership of Dr. Michael Cornelison, foot pain doctors of Cupertino Podiatry will assess the causes of the foot heel pain, after which they will decide on the right treatment. The most common cause of heel spurs and heel pain is Plantar Fasciitis, where the plantar fascia suffers inflammation caused by over-pronation. Common symptom of Plantar Fasciitis is experiencing heel pain when a person gets out of bed and takes his first steps in the morning. Usually, a sharp stabbing pain arises at the front or bottom of the heel bone. The pain can have varying degrees of severity for different people. Such pain is felt after periods of inactivity (e.g. after sitting for a long time or early in the morning). Once the patient walks around for a while, a dull ache usually replaces the sharp pain.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome, posterior heel pain, and calcaneal stress fracture are other common causes of heel pain. A large nerve located at the back of your foot gets pinched or entrapped in tarsal tunnel syndrome, which causes heel pain. Retrocalcaneal bursitis and Achilles tendonitis are caused by posterior heel pain, and the symptoms are seen behind the foot, and not underneath.

Long distance runners or athletes often suffer from calcaneus stress fractures, which can give rise to pain in the heel when one walks or runs.

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Many people don't give much attention to heel pain, and often seek medical help after much delay, which worsens the problem. If you aren't sure about what symptoms merit medical attention, here's a checklist that should sound a warning bell:

• Heel pain after extended periods of inactivity or rest
• Heel pain that continues beyond a few days
• Problem while walking when you use the affected side
• Discoloration or swelling at the back of your foot
• Signs of an infection, including redness, fever, and/or warmth
• Any other abnormal symptom

According to Dr. Michael Cornelison, minor heel pains can be cured with adequate rest, and anti-inflammatory medications. Application of ice-packs, and doing some stretches and exercises can also offer relief. However, serious cases may need advanced reconstructive foot surgery or foot pain orthotics to get relief.

Foot doctors at Cupertino Podiatry are experienced in treating a wide variety of heel pains. With their objective being long-term relief of symptoms for their patients, rather than just treating the symptoms without addressing the root cause, these doctors look for the underlying cause of the problem. So, unlike doctors who simply put a band-aid on the problem, only to make you return to the clinic when the pain resurfaces, doctors at Cupertino Podiatry ensure that you bid adieu to your pain once and for all after the treatment. In case you need to buy heel pain relief products like heel pads, heel cushions, heel spur moleskin straps, Biofreeze products for pain management and relief, you can buy them from the store run by this clinic.

So, if you or anyone you know suffers from heel pain, don't neglect it. Rather, dial 408-446-5811 to fix an appointment at the clinic of Cupertino Podiatry to get the condition treated. You can know more about this clinic and foot pain relief products by browsing www.ourdoctorstore.com/cornelison and www.footpainreliefproducts.com.