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Do you have a soft swelling either in your hands or your feet? Do you feel pain on movement of joints? The ganglion cyst also called as a 'Bible cyst' is found around or on the tendons and joints of the hand and sometimes the feet. Usually located around the dorsum of the fingers and on the wrist, the size of the cyst may vary and may cause pain. As an interesting fact, the ganglion cyst was more popularly known as 'Gideon's disease' and as the, 'Bible cyst' or 'Bible bump', as in the past, the ganglion cyst was treated by hitting it with the Bible or any other large book so that it would rupture, though this was not the accurate treatment for this condition. The podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry near San Jose, California are experienced doctors with expertise, years of knowledge and know how and offer detailed care with the right diagnosis and treatment.

Offering in-depth examination and sound advice, the podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic offer a skilled team, pristine surroundings and the essence of timely help to give their patients a comfortable lifestyle. As the nature of the ganglion cysts is idiopathic, there would be variations in the tendon sheath or joint function. With cysts being near joints, they are connected to the joint and form a check valve which allows the fluid to flow out of the joint but not back to where it came from. The cysts are normally found near the wrist at the scapho-lunate joint. With a swelling that may appear, the ganglion cyst may get smaller in size but can recur at any time. Causing acute pain and trauma, the cysts also cause a weakness in the affected area or finger. The experienced doctors at the Cupertino clinic near San Jose will examine the affected area in detail and recommend the right treatment and render professional help.

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The podiatrists at the clinic in Cupertino will diagnose the condition with a physical examination and advise their patients besides offering immediate care and relief. The podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic would aspirate the affected area followed by an ultrasound or send the patient to a hand surgeon if the cyst is a solid mass or if it involves an artery. Aspiration involves drawing out of the fluid with an injection with local anesthesia, then injecting a steroid compound as an anti-inflammatory agent and splinting the wrist to reduce movement. An MRI would be recommended to see the wrist in detail. With the recurrence rate being reduced with surgery, the podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry would perform an Arthroscopy of the wrist which reduces recurrence by 5-10%.

Once the podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic diagnose and treat the ganglion cyst, they would follow it up with advice and timely check ups. With each condition being different from the other, the follow up care would be based on each patient's need with the podiatrists recommending occupational or physical therapy according to customized specifications. With the podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic prescribing the correct treatment and offering immediate care for their patients with early detection of the ganglion cyst, they would also rule out any other dangerous growths in the affected area. The podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry offer precise care, immediate help and professional aid with attention to give their patients the culture of comfort and cure at the right time.

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