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Are your nails getting brittle? Is there a change in the shape of the nail or do you feel that your nails are crumbling? As a fungal nail infection or Onychomycosis can occur at any time and to anybody, care should be taken to keep nails free of any infection as toenails get more affected than finger nails. A variety of bacteria and fungi can be found in the body and while some may be useful to the body, others tend to multiply causing severe complications. The podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry near San Jose, California are professionals who are trained with years of experience and offer the right diagnosis, detailed care with sound advice to see that their patients are relieved from any foot related problems.

With fungi thriving in warm and moist areas, patients suffering from fungal infections should be careful to pay more attention to their bodies in order to prevent further damage. Some of the risks of fungal infections are closed-in footwear, keeping the skin moist for long periods and getting nail or skin injuries. The doctors at the Cupertino clinic offer care with detailed follow up and professional advice to clear the problem so that their patients can have a problem-free lifestyle. Manifesting more in people who often use public shower rooms, gyms and swimming pools or who perspire heavily, are more prone to fungal nail infection or Onychomycosis. Some of the symptoms of nail fungal infection are crumbling of the nail, debris under the nail, brittleness, nail getting easily detached, change in the shape of the nail, lack of luster, thickening and discoloration. The podiatrists at the clinic in Cupertino relieve their patients of any discomfort and utilize their skills to bring them back to normal.

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The podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic will inspect the infected area thoroughly and a scraping of the nail can be taken for culture. As over-the-counter medications do not solve the problem, the podiatrists at the clinic in Cupertino will prescribe antifungal medicines with the help from the patient's healthcare provider in case there may be other complications. In some cases, the nail may be removed to give place for a new nail which will be free of infection. Healthcare providers and podiatrists should be contacted immediately if there is persistent fungal nail problems and if the fingers become red, painful or if there is draining of pus.

With prevention being better than cure, the podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic will advise their patients to take detailed care of their nails, keep the skin dry and clean, and wash any area especially the hands and feet if there is contact with any fungal infection. As Onychomycosis is prevalent mostly amongst adults, there should be an awareness of the different types of fungal infections that will affect the finger nails or the toe nails and may be classified as Distal subungual onychomycosis, White superficial onychomycosis, Candidal onychomycosis and Proximal subungual onychomycosis. The podiatrists at the clinic in Cupertino prevent further recurrences by deploying their expertise, rendering services with medical advice and early management so that their patients lead normal and comfortable lives.

The Podiatrists at the Cupertino Clinic offer In-depth Knowledge and Foot Care Solutions

Visit www.ourdoctorstore.com/cornelison and www.footpainreliefproducts.com to get more detailed information about these products. You can also contact us by phone at: 866-610-2238.

  Cupertino Podiatry Inc.

After earning his degree in podiatry and completing his residency, Dr. Michael Cornelison joined an existing Cupertino practice in 2000. When the other podiatrist retired in 2003, Dr. Cornelison took over the practice and formed Cupertino Podiatry, Inc.

Dr. Cornelison specializes in advanced reconstructive surgery while simultaneously dedicating himself to helping patients avoid such surgery. His practice emphasizes restoring the support and function of the foot to provide long-term relief of symptoms rather than just relieving symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. He looks for the root of the problem rather than attempting to just put a band-aid on it.

Cupertino Podiatry can also fit patients with orthotics (therapeutic footwear and inserts) to aid recovery or for long-term management. And whether you are a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, Dr. Cornelison can create a specialized sports injury treatment program to help you get back on your feet.

Dr. Cornelison has earned the prestigious 'Diamond Certified Award' based on outstanding customer satisfaction. To learn more, please visit: http://www.diamondcertified.com.

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