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Have you experienced aching and tired feet and hands? Do you get sudden attacks of migraines and headaches or dizziness when getting up suddenly? If you do, then you have poor circulation or peripheral vascular disease. Hardening of the arteries or artherosclerosis is a thickening of the arteries with diabetes being the main cause. The podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry near San Jose, California are experienced professionals who offer sound advice and immediate care to see that their patients are relieved from foot problems. With many symptoms, peripheral vascular disease or PVD can manifest itself with tingling or numbness in the feet, skin changing color, sores, infections and skin breakdowns, claudication which is a cramping pain in the calf muscle that is relieved with rest and cold feet or changes in the temperature of the skin.

The podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic render quality care to see that their patients are comfortable and lead stable lives. Poor circulation of the feet and hands has many symptoms that range over varicose and spider veins, pain in the lower leg, hands and feet that turn cold, toenails that are brittle, disorders in vision, swelling in the legs or feet and no sensation in the feet and hands. Deep vein thrombosis may occur as one of symptoms or cyanosis which is a darkening of the skin, white nails and fingers, ulcers in the feet are some of the other symptoms of peripheral vascular disease. PVD or poor circulation affects the feet as cuts, infection and sores do not heal. The podiatrists at the clinic in Cupertino offer care in pristine surroundings to help their patients get back on their feet as soon as possible.

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The podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry near San Jose, California offer quality treatment with controlling the blood glucose level, medication to prevent clotting of the blood, referral to a healthcare provider where angioplasty may be deployed to enlarge peripheral arteries or a bypass. The podiatrists also advise their patients to stop smoking, control high blood pressure with diet and exercise and address high cholesterol problems. The podiatrists advise their patients to take special care to avoid any injuries to the feet, wearing shoes that do not cause trauma and should fit well with no pressure, getting help from podiatrists to cut their toenails to prevent self injury and seeking professional help in immediate treatment of calluses and corns before the condition gets worse.

Self management is important as patients must be aware of PVD or peripheral vascular disease and how it can affect their lives. The podiatrists' orders should be followed with regular exercise, diet and proper footwear especially for diabetics. Patients can also apply natural treatment with massaging feet and hands with essential oils like rosemary and lavender, drinking hot herbal tea, avoiding caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, exercise, keeping hands and feet covered when feeling cold, intake of foods rich in Vitamins E and C. With many preventive measures, patients can eat watermelon that contains lycopene, pumpkin seeds that thin the blood, intake of garlic, wearing the right footwear and avoiding handling of cold objects. The podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry near San Jose offer the best podiatric care, the culture of accurate diagnosis for all problems of the feet and constant follow up with a professional attitude.

The Podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry offer the Essence of Care

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Cupertino Podiatry Inc.

After earning his degree in podiatry and completing his residency, Dr. Michael Cornelison joined an existing Cupertino practice in 2000. When the other podiatrist retired in 2003, Dr. Cornelison took over the practice and formed Cupertino Podiatry, Inc.

Dr. Cornelison specializes in advanced reconstructive surgery while simultaneously dedicating himself to helping patients avoid such surgery. His practice emphasizes restoring the support and function of the foot to provide long-term relief of symptoms rather than just relieving symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. He looks for the root of the problem rather than attempting to just put a band-aid on it.

Cupertino Podiatry can also fit patients with orthotics (therapeutic footwear and inserts) to aid recovery or for long-term management. And whether you are a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, Dr. Cornelison can create a specialized sports injury treatment program to help you get back on your feet.

Dr. Cornelison has earned the prestigious 'Diamond Certified Award' based on outstanding customer satisfaction. To learn more, please visit: http://www.diamondcertified.com.

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