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Do you have numbness in the feet after walking or standing for a long period? Or do your feet tingle or does a burning sensation occur after exertion? Morton's neuroma often occurs with symptoms of tingling, burning, tenderness and numbness. This happens when two bones rub against each other with the result that the nerve that runs in between is squeezed. The podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry near San Jose, California offer careful diagnosis and treatment to give their patients relief and healing so that they lead normal lifestyles. With accurate advice and detailed follow up, the doctors at the clinic in Cupertino offer their expertise and experience with the culture of care.

In most cases, the best treatment for Morton's neuroma involves rest and a change in footwear that offers comfort rather than style. Occurring at the third interface, Morton's neuroma is an enlarged nerve and is found between the third and fourth toes. Part of the lateral plantar nerve combines with part of the medial plantar nerve at this juncture with the nerve lying in the subcutaneous tissue close to an artery and vein above the fat pad of the foot. The exact reason for the enlargement of this nerve is not clearly known, but as this problem occurs more with women than with men, it can be attributed to high heels. As the pain is localized and is either sharp or dull, it is emphasized more with wearing shoes and walking than when the foot is not bearing weight. The podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic utilize their skill is prescribing the right treatment with thorough examination and a caring attitude.

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Diagnosing with the care of many years of experience, the podiatrists at Cupertino facilitate activity and recovery for their patients with complete attention. The doctors at the Cupertino clinic will palpate the affected area to check the degree of pain and would elicit Mulder's sign by squeezing the foot with one hand and palpating the painful interspace with the other. An X-ray will be recommended to rule out any fracture and to check if arthritis or osteoarthritis is present along with any bone density complications. An MRI scan can determine the size of the neuroma or prescribed to rule out tumor. A surgery may be in order depending on the size and position of the neuroma. If there is any complication following surgery, the podiatrist must be contacted immediately.

The podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic offer the essence of treatment to their patients with foresight and know-how. The doctors at the Cupertino clinic pad and tape the affected foot to take away the weight of the neuroma. Arch supports are prescribed if the patient has flatfeet and they are advised to wear shoes with wide toe boxes and avoid wearing high heels. If the inflammation is severe, a local anesthetic may be injected to relieve pain with a corticosteroid to reduce the inflammation. Careful monitoring is rendered with prescriptions for custom-fitted orthotics so that the foot maintains a better position. Alcohol sclerosing injections may be administered to harden the sclerose or a dorsal and plantar approach may be utilized. With the goal of offering a pain-free lifestyle, the podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic stabilize their patients' way of life with unique and expert treatment combined with a customized outlook.

The Podiatrists At The Cupertino Clinic Render The Essence Of Care

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Dr. Cornelison is a Podiatrist and can help you with your ailments related to the foot and nails. He can also help with issues related to the ankle, heel and skin around this area. Dr. Cornelison has earned the prestigious "Diamond Certified Award" based on outstanding customer satisfaction.
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Dr. Cornelison specializes in advanced reconstructive surgery while simultaneously dedicating himself to helping patients avoid such surgery. His practice emphasizes restoring the support and function of the foot to provide long-term relief of symptoms rather than just relieving symptoms without addressing the underlying cause. He looks for the root of the problem rather than attempting to just put a band-aid on it.


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