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Do you have toe skin inflammation? Has your nose or skin turned red? Is your earlobe inflamed? Chilblains are acral ulcers that are just like ulcers that affect the extremities when a person is exposed to humidity or cold. People affected by the cold exposure have capillary bed damages where the skin turns red and starts to itch with inflammation and blisters. Though chilblains can be prevented they stem from a history of connective tissue damage in some cases. The expert podiatrists at Cupertino Podiatry near San Jose, California have structured a foundation of care and offer precise diagnosis and sound advice so that their patients can lead a comfortable lifestyle.

Occurring after many hours of exposure to the cold, the small blood vessels in the skin constrict. If the skin is warmed too quickly, then there is leakage of blood vessels into the tissues because the blood vessels do not react fast enough to the re-warming of the skin. Appearing as itchy, small and red patches on the skin, chilblains also turn blue and swollen. They tend to crack when drying and cause infection. Affecting fingers, nose, ears, face and areas of pressure such as the toes especially if there are bunions, calluses and corns, chilblains start burning and itching as the weather turns cold. The doctors at the clinic in Cupertino offer their patients careful examination of affected areas and render effective and efficient treatment.

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Though there are no convincing reasons as to why chilblains occur, study has it that it occurs mostly in people with poor circulation, familial history, bad nutrition, anemia, connective tissue disorders, hormonal changes, anemia, poor circulation, damp living conditions and bone marrow disorders. With an abnormal reaction to the cold, chilblains often get worse with immediate warming of the extremities. The experienced podiatrists at Cupertino offer in-depth treatment and relief with follow up so that their patients benefit from professional care. With foresight, knowledge and years of study, the podiatrists at Cupertino offer customized treatment with skilled care and prescribe suitable medication with methods to alleviate the pain.

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Giving their patients a constant attitude of care at all times, the doctors at the Cupertino clinic render treatment for chilblains that would involve pressure relief and padding. In some cases topical steroids are prescribed if the case is severe. The podiatrists at Cupertino treat any calluses and corns in the area where the chilblains occur to offer relief from pain. If the circulation is poor, Heparin ointment may be prescribed and a UV light therapy to improve circulation may be given so that the patients can lead normal lives. As the doctors at the Cupertino clinic work with health providers if the patient has any previous illness, some cases of chilblains are connected to rare medical disorders where they have poor circulation or a bone marrow disorder. The treatment would be taken care of in tandem so the patient will be able to resume daily activities as soon as possible. The podiatrists at the Cupertino clinic have mastered the art of healing with accurate diagnosis to render the craft of skilled expertise.

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